Recent Graduates

Vetlife provides support to recent graduates through Vetlife Helpline, Vetlife Health Support and Vetlife Financial Support and can refer you to other professional advisors.

The services our Charity provides are free, confidential and completely independent of any other veterinary organisation.

The first years after graduation can be a tough time – you’ve left the secure environment of college and now you’re expected to perform at a high level, over long hours, in sometimes very stressful circumstances.

“You cannot know everything there is to know to be a competent veterinarian. Realise that all your training was to give you the skills to solve problems and find answers through utilizing resources, including more experienced colleagues.”

The trained volunteers on our confidential 24-hour Vetlife Helpline all have experience of the veterinary profession and will understand any difficulties that you are having.  We also offer Vetlife Health Support if you are struggling with any mental health issues, and you and/or your dependants, may qualify for Vetlife Financial Support as long as you have registered with the RCVS.

Common challenges

Vetlife understands the challenges that recent graduates in the veterinary profession face:

Support &