Additional funding is vital for Vetlife to continue supporting all those in the veterinary community in need of assistance through our three services.

In 2021 we responded to 3,390 enquiries – an average approaching 10 contacts per day

“Getting good help is essential. From personal experience, I can applaud Vetlife Helpline for getting me through my own dark periods. I feel that, because so many factors relate to events specific to veterinary work, to have someone at the end of the phone who knows our industry is reassuring.”


Anonymous, Letter to Veterinary Record

Where your
money goes

• Vetlife provides independent and confidential support via the 24/7/365 Vetlife Helpline.
• Everyone in the veterinary community is welcome to contact the Vetlife Helpline for support. The Helpline is run by trained volunteers, all of whom have knowledge of the veterinary profession.
• As well as the Helpline, Vetlife funds and manages Vetlife Health Support and Vetlife Financial Support.