Complaints Policy

Vetlife is committed to adhering to the best possible standards in its fundraising and service provision. There are however times when members of the veterinary community, the wider public or the membership may feel moved to register dissatisfaction about the actions of the Charity, its representatives or its employees. We want to know when this happens. We take your comments and all reasonable complaints seriously as they help us to improve our services and relationships with those we assist and with those with whom we work.

Should you wish to complain about the activities of Vetlife:

  1. In the first instance, please send your complaint:
    • By mail to:
      The Complaints Committee, Vetlife, 7 Mansfield Street, London W1G 9NQ
    • By e-mail to: [email protected]
  2. You should receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint from the Complaints Committee within 5 working days. A full written response will be provided once any necessary investigation of the complaint is completed. The time taken may vary according to the nature of the complaint; however, in circumstances requiring lengthier investigation, a regular update on progress of the investigation will be provided.
  3. All complaints will be recorded and their outcomes formally reported to the Board of Trustees.
  4. Where a complainant has reason to believe that the investigation of their complaint by Vetlife , has been conducted improperly, they should contact the President of the Charity, who will arrange a review of its decision by a suitable external body.
  5. Please note that this policy relates only to complaints about the actions of the charity, its employees and its representatives. Those wishing to appeal an individual beneficiary decision should refer to the Beneficiary Appeals Procedure.

Last updated : November 2020