16 Jul 2019

Blog: The Link Between Diet and Sleep

Author: Jackie Kepler

Jackie Kepler is a sleep professional. Here, she explores the link between diet and sleep. As a veterinary professional, it can be difficult to find time for yourself, even just to get some real food in your system during your shift. This can lead to grabbing a bite of whatever’s on hand, whether that’s […]

10 Jul 2019

Blog: Self-Care and the Art of Balancing Mental and Physical Health

Author: Jill Palmer

Jill Palmer works as a writer and researcher for Mental Wellness Center. Here she explores the importance of self-care and shares some wellbeing top tips. Self-care can have a major effect on a person’s life, from boosting their mood and ability to get through the day, to reducing stress, anxiety, and the symptoms of depression. […]

18 Jun 2019

Why is Vetlife Financial Support only available to Veterinary Surgeons?

Author: Eve Ritchie

At Vetlife, we get asked this question quite a lot – and it’s a fair one to ask. Vetlife Financial Support is the only area of Vetlife which is restricted to veterinary surgeons. At present, unlike the other areas of Vetlife (Vetlife Helpline and Vetlife Health Support) this form of support cannot be extended to […]

16 May 2019

Time to talk about fatigue?

Author: Rosie Allister

Feeling tired? Many of us are, or at least know what it is to work when fatigued. Some consider sleepless nights and pushing through fatigue to be an integral part of being a veterinary professional. It’s just part of the deal, something we all signed up for. But evidence is growing around sleep deprivation and its […]

02 May 2019

Vet Student takes on Rat Race for Vetlife!

Author: Eve Ritchie

Second year Vet student Andrè Brenn and his mother Pavla Haylock are planning to take on the Rat Race – a 20-mile assault course with over 200 obstacles to fundraise for Vetlife. Entering the veterinary community, Andrè was shocked by the prevalence of mental health issues and suicide rate within the profession. Andrè Explains, “Relatively […]

25 Apr 2019

The Crafty Vet Project

Author: Eve Ritchie

Vet Nurses Sarah Taylor and Zoe Daley are encouraging the veterinary community to discover their creative side with The Crafty Vet Project. Sarah first discovered the mental health benefits of crafting whilst working towards her GradDipAVN diploma when her stress was at an all-time high. She was gifted a cross stitch kit from her mother […]

24 Apr 2019

Go the extra mile for Vetlife

Author: Eve Ritchie

This year is Vetlife’s centenary anniversary! To celebrate, we are encouraging Vets, students, Vet Nurses and everyone else in the veterinary community to take part in a parkrun event and fundraise for Vetlife. Parkrun is a series of 5k runs held on Saturday mornings in areas of open space around the UK. They are open […]

16 Apr 2019


Author: Eve Ritchie

Superstar vets Anna Jennings and Gemma Ives are embarking on a mammoth 1000 miles cycling challenge in memory of vet friend and colleague Rita. The determined duo are aiming to raise £5,000 for Vetlife through their fundraiser called #RideForRita. Anna and Gemma are planning to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats as a tribute […]

21 Mar 2019

Blog: Providing support and help for over a century!

Author: Geoff Little

In this day and age, at a time when our profession is witnessing significant changes, it is reassuring to know that some things haven’t changed for over 100 years.  This February marked the incorporation of the Victorian Veterinary Benevolent Fund, later to become known as the Veterinary Benevolent Fund, and in 2015 change its name […]