09 Oct 2020

Supporting and protecting veterinary professionals mental health in the months ahead

Author: Dr. Rosie Allister

Through the COVID-19 pandemic the veterinary profession has adapted and continued to be there for animals under our care, our clients, and for society in a range of roles in pandemic response. Adapting to change and working in a context of unprecedented restrictions means protecting and looking after our mental health is more important than […]

10 Sep 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day

Author: Dr. Rosie Allister

  The impact of a life lost to suicide is devastating and many veterinary communities have been touched by suicide loss, or the pain of suicidal thoughts. This World Suicide Prevention Day Vetlife is sharing guidance for veterinary communities on small steps which may help towards prevention. Ensure workplaces are safe and supportive spaces for […]

01 Sep 2020

Vet Month of Movement: October 2020 – take part with your team!

Author: Helen Wilkie

Exercise has been shown to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, improve problem solving abilities and increase concentration and creativity. I am sure we have all experienced the rush of endorphins and the good feeling that time spent exercising gives us. Yet, it tends to be the first thing we put on the back burner when life […]

13 Aug 2020

A brief history of Vetlife

Author: Bill Mavir

Over a century of history Vetlife and the Veterinary Defence Society share a history that dates back to 1865 when The Veterinary Mutual Defence Society was founded in Manchester by a small group of Veterinary Surgeons. From the very beginning this defence society had an equally important benevolence function and to reflect this, in 1867, […]

29 Jul 2020

Medivet take on ice bucket challenge for Vetlife

Author: Eve Ritchie

As part of mental health awareness week in May, Medivet launched a group-wide ice bucket challenge to increase awareness of mental health, and raise funds for Vetlife. The ice bucket challenge involves the fundraiser having a bucket of ice water poured over their head – not one for the faint-hearted! Giving back to Vetlife Chantelle […]

21 Jun 2020

International Yoga Day for a global veterinary community

Author: Chloe Hannigan

For International Yoga Day (21st June), locum vet and yoga teacher Chloe Hannigan shares how her yoga practice helps her through times of difficulty. Chloe founded VetYogi in 2017 with the goal of delivering the practices of yoga and meditation to busy veterinary professionals. To say the last few months have been challenging across the […]

20 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week – Making exercise a kindness

Author: Nat Scroggie

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, BVA Regional Representative and runner Nat Scroggie discusses honestly her own ups and downs with exercise and mental health, particularly during COVID-19. I write a blog under the name This Vet Runs, where I record my experiences around exercise and wellbeing. So, you might think a piece on […]

19 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week – Parenting through a pandemic

Author: Liz Barton

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Liz Barton editor of Veterinary Woman shares her thoughts and tips on parenting through a pandemic The paradigm shift in living since lockdown is difficult to cope with for an emotionally developed brain, let alone one that is already in overdrive with the business of growing up. I […]

23 Apr 2020

Wellbeing tips for students during COVID-19

Author: Dr. Rosie Allister

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on the veterinary industry and the society and animals we dedicate our careers to. Vet students at the start of their veterinary careers are being affected too, and whilst everyone’s situation is different we know there are common experiences: uncertainty, financial worries, disruption to extra mural studies […]