Vetlife Financial Support

There are times in many of our lives when we run into financial difficulties. Usually because of a major change of some kind, such as a health problem or the breakdown of a relationship. Vetlife will look at all of your circumstances in order to understand your financial issues better and will help you to plan a way forward.

Although Vetlife is currently only able to offer Financial Support to veterinary surgeons and their dependants that are resident in the UK, it is worth contacting us if you are a veterinary nurse or student because we may be able to refer you to another charity.

What sort of help is given?

  • Emergency assistance
  • Regular monthly grants
  • One-off gifts
  • Professional advice on State benefits and debt
  • Access to CPD for those who qualify
  • Bungalow accommodation in Dorset

“Knowing that I had moral support from Vetlife as well as financial support, helped take some of the major worry away whilst having to cope with not only physical debilitation but also a worsening mental health situation. Vetlife stayed there for me, when even my own family did not. I will be forever grateful for their unstinting support.”