Loneliness in your first job

Jill Hubbard offers the following advice to new graduates in their first job:

  • Lose any unrealistic expectations of yourself.  All new graduates have studied hard and know a lot, but still have a lot to learn
  • Choose your first job carefully.  Talk to other people that work there and check with your vet school network if they know anything about your prospective new employer.  Don’t move to a rural location if all your interests take place in a city
  • Ask for help – don’t be too proud to ask the other vets and nurses for advice
  • Stay in touch with vet school friends – talk to them after a bad day and offer that help to others
  • Let your family help you to get practical things sorted out while you are busy with work if they offer
  • Don’t turn down any invitations you get to go out and meet new people and invite your new colleagues out – especially when you are new
  • Explore the area
  • Look after yourself.  See Self Care
  • Keep outside interests going – take a class, volunteer, offering to judge pet competitions or help at agricultural shows can help you to join the local community
  • Use graduate support schemes.  See Graduate Support Schemes
  • Stay positive – learn as much as you can, get support, develop resilience and give yourself credit for managing

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