Vetlife Helpline offers confidential emotional support to everyone in the veterinary community.  We won’t judge, or tell you what to do, but will listen and give you time and space to explore a way forward.  If you need referral for specialist help, we can signpost you to options available.

Anything you say to us is completely confidential and you don’t have to use your real name.

Confidential telephone support 0303 040 2551

This is a 24-hour service available 365 days a year.

Confidential anonymous email support

You can also register to send anonymous emails to Vetlife Helpline.  Your email address will be removed so it won’t be visible to anyone at Vetlife – not even the site administrators.

Emails are kept on a secure server for 30 days so that if you want to email us again, we can see that you have contacted us before. After 30 days, all emails are automatically deleted for your data security.

We reply to emails within 24 hours.  In a crisis it is better to phone us so that you can receive support sooner.

“Getting good help is essential. From personal experience, I can applaud Vetlife Helpline for getting me through my own dark periods. I feel that, because so many factors relate to events specific to veterinary work, to have someone at the end of the phone who knows our industry is reassuring.”

Anonymous, Letter to Veterinary Record June 2015