Be A Friend: Vetlife opens up its membership

The Vetlife Board of Trustees has opened charity associate membership to non-clinical staff within the veterinary profession for the first time in the charity’s history. This includes anybody working within the veterinary industry such as receptionists, practice managers and administrative staff.

Members, known as ‘Friends of Vetlife,’ actively contribute to the charity through regular donations. The initiative to broaden the membership was originally proposed by an Area Representative during training in March of this year. In a unanimous decision at the Vetlife Board meeting in May, the Board approved this update, recognising its potential to garner much-needed support for the charity’s vital work, and allowing non clinical staff to support the community.

Consequently, the Friends of Vetlife associate membership is now open to individuals who aren’t registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) but are associated with or working within the veterinary profession in any capacity. Both regular members and associate members have the option to make monthly, annual, or lifetime contributions.

Vetlife plays a crucial role in providing support to the veterinary community through its Helpline, Health Support, and Financial Support services. Over the past few years, the demand for these services has seen a remarkable increase, and the charity relies heavily on the generosity of donors and those who contribute regularly to meet this growing demand and sustain its essential work.

No form of membership is required to access any of Vetlife’s support.

Recently appointed Vetlife President James Russell said: “Becoming a friend of Vetlife is an important way that people can show their support for our charity. As we have already stated, you do not need to be a friend of Vetlife to access any of our services, but by becoming a Friend, you are making a meaningful contribution to us keeping those services available for our whole community. We are only here because of our supporters, so thank you to you all.”

How to become a Friend of Vetlife

Those wishing to support Vetlife can become a Friend from £2.10 per month here.


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