BVA Young Vet Network (open to non-members)

The Young Vet Network provides additional support and services to young vets in their final year of study and first eight years after graduation.

The face to face meetings are open to all – you do not have to be a member of BVA or your local division to take part. The meetings provide an opportunity to meet peers, discuss the ups and downs of the job and enjoy social and CPD events together.

Find out about your local BVA Young Vet Network events

SPVS Recent Graduate Services (members only)

The SPVS recent graduate team offers:

  • Telephone Support

Experienced practitioners who are sympathetic to the needs of the recent graduate and have knowledge about issues such as employment contracts and professional matters are available to provide advice and give support in difficult times to recent graduates.

Contact the service on 01926 410454 or email [email protected]

  • CV Reading Service

SPVS members can email their CV to [email protected] who will send it to one of their CV reading team of experienced employers who will review it and offer advice and amendments.

BEVA Grads

All BEVA members who have graduated in the past five years will automatically become part of the BEVA Grads network and will be offered the opportunity to sign up to their online forum and take part in informal social gatherings.

Other Events

Veterinary Defence Society Graduate Reunions

The VDS invites all veterinary surgeons to attend a one day seminar, followed by a reunion dinner at their vet school one year after qualification.

The seminars look at communication skills which are brought to life by professional role players and are an opportunity for everyone to swap stories, good and bad, about life after qualifying and representatives from the major veterinary societies and organisations are on hand to help find solutions to any issues that come up for discussion.

Open discussion, very friendly.  Really well presented – very enjoyable, actors were fantastic.


Advice received for issues experienced in practice – questions answered


It’s great fun!