Dyspraxia in Veterinary Practice

Dyspraxia, often misunderstood, impacts various aspects of life beyond just motor skills. In the veterinary field, it presents unique challenges, from surgery planning to organisational tasks. Despite setbacks and misconceptions, dyspraxic individuals bring valuable strengths like empathy and problem-solving abilities. In this blog, vet Kristina Hunter shares her story.   A misunderstood condition Dyspraxia (Developmental […]

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The Post-Diagnosis Rollercoaster

Navigating the emotional journey of an adult autism diagnosis can resemble a rollercoaster ride, with its highs and lows. In this personal account, Vetlife Trustee Kirstie Pickles, shares her experiences following her diagnosis. It is now three and a half years since my adult diagnosis of autism. This resulted from my daughter’s diagnosis which led […]

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Living with ADHD

In her blog, Helen Allwood reflects on her journey of discovering and embracing her ADHD diagnosis while navigating the challenges and opportunities it presents at work and at home. Through seeking support, gaining insights from coaching, and fostering self-compassion, she shares valuable advice for others on similar journeys within the neurodivergent community. Having ADHD was […]

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Living with dyslexia

  Vetlife President James Russell explores the diverse experiences of living with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Through personal stories and insights, James encourages understanding and support for everyone’s unique abilities, stressing the importance of embracing neurodiversity. My experience of living with dyslexia is very different to my sister, who is also dyslexic, and my daughter who […]

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Be A Friend: Vetlife opens up its membership

The Vetlife Board of Trustees has opened charity associate membership to non-clinical staff within the veterinary profession for the first time in the charity’s history. This includes anybody working within the veterinary industry such as receptionists, practice managers and administrative staff. Members, known as ‘Friends of Vetlife,’ actively contribute to the charity through regular donations. […]

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