Looking after the veterinary profession

Vetlife Helpline

Calls and emails to Vetlife Helpline are answered by a group of trained volunteers who have experience of the profession.  We will be there to listen and offer emotional support and a space to talk about how things are for you whatever is on your mind.  We offer empathetic support for work, emotional, addictive or financial problems and refer callers on for specialist advice where appropriate. 

All calls and emails are completely confidential.  We don't mind at all if you don't give us your real name. Students and VNs are very welcome to use the service.

"Getting good help is essential.  From personal experience, I can applaud Vetlife Helpline for getting me through my own dark periods.  I feel that, because so many factors relate to events specific to veterinary work, to have someone at the end of the phone who knows our industry is reassuring."  Anonymous, Letter to Veterinary Record June 2015  

Telephone Support 0303 040 2551

This is a 24-hour service available every day of the year including Christmas.

Anonymous Email Support 

You can also register to send anonymous emails to Vetlife Helpline - your email address won't be visible.

Emails are kept on a secure server for 30 days so that if you want to email us again, we can see that you have contacted us before.  After 30 days, all emails are automatically deleted.  

We undertake to reply to your email within 24 hours.

Who Are the Volunteers That Run the Service?

There are currently thirty unpaid volunteers that run the service 24 hours/day on every day of the year. They are either veterinary surgeons or spouses of a veterinary surgeon.  Only the Chair, currently Rosie Allister MRCVS, does not remain anonymous.  

Information & Statistics

For statistics on calls to Vetlife Helpline see the VBF Annual Review 2013/2014 PDF 510KB.


A generous annual donation from RCVS and the BVA funds regular training for the Vetlife Helpline Helpers.  In addition, RCVS's Mind Matters Initiative funds the live answering service which Vetlife Helpline uses.   .

Vetlife Helpline Stickers 

Please help us to ensure that every veterinary workplace has a Vetlife Helpline sticker clearly visible in a prominent place.  The sticker can be ordered from info@vetlife.org.uk.


Volunteers are asked to send an email outlining any relevant experience they have and the reasons for their interest in volunteering to info@vetlife.org.uk.  The Chair will then contact them to discuss in detail what is required of Vetlife Helpline volunteers and what training will be provided.