Looking after the veterinary profession

Vetlife Financial Support

Although our other support services are open to students and VNs, in order to qualify for financial support from Vetlife you will need to be a veterinary surgeon who is on, or has been on, the RCVS register (or the dependant of one) and you must be be ordinarily resident in the UK.

We can still advise VNs and students on other charities who might be able to help them and we are sometimes able to fund benefits and debt advice where appropriate. 

The most common reasons for seeking help

  • An unexpected reduction in income after health problems  
  • Help for widows or widowers after an unexpected death - particularly where there are school age children to support   
  • A short term crisis 
  • Support while doing CPD in order to return to work after a period of being off sick with depression 

What sort of help is given?

  • Regular monthly grants
  • One-off gifts  
  • Professional advice on State benefits and debt
  • Access to free CPD for those who qualify 
  • Bungalow accommodation in Dorset  

"Knowing that I had not only the financial support of the VBF but the moral support as well, helped take some of the major financial worry away whilst having to cope with not only physical debilitation but also a worsening mental health situation.  The VBF stayed there for me, when even my own family did not.  I will be forever grateful for their unstinting support."

What if I am a veterinary student?

We are not able to offer support to anyone before they have qualified and are on the RCVS register but the student finance section of this web site has information on possible sources of funding, advice on managing your financial situation and a budget planner. 

What we can't help with ... 

  • Care home fees
  • The cost of studying veterinary medicine as a second degree - see advice on finding alternative sources of funding in the students section of this site 
  • Business or partnership debt
  • The costs of mandatory training courses
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Private education
  • Private medical care including care home fees 
  • Financial support simply because someone is unemployed
  • Repaying loans to family and friends
  • Improvements and repairs to rented property

Applying for Help

To make an application for financial support from the Vetlife simply complete the Vetlife application form in Word and return it to:

The Honorary Secretary
7 Mansfield Street

or email it to info@vetlife.org.uk.

If you have any questions or would prefer to have a blank application form posted to you, please call the Vetlife Administration Manager, Vanessa Kearns, on 020 7908 6385 or email info@vetlife.org.uk.

Once the form is returned it will be considered by the Vetlife Grant Awards Panel in complete confidence, together with your recent bank statements for the preceding three months.  They may ask that a representative of the charity visits you at home to discuss  your circumstances in more detail or request further information before reaching a decision.  For those in urgent need of help, an initial payment may be made immediately.  

Ongoing support after the initial decision is reviewed annually at meetings of the Vetlife Grant Review Committee.  

If you feel you need help, it is always worth applying - there is no requirement to have made any donations to the charity in the past or to be a member of any veterinary organisations.  Even if you don't qualify for financial assistance, Vetlife may be able to signpost you to alternative sources of help or fund professional benefits and debt advice for you.