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This website is an initiative funded by VBF – the charity that also provides Vet Helpline, the Veterinary Surgeons' Health Support Programme and the Veterinary Benevolent Fund in order to support veterinary professionals.

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Minutes of VBF Annual General Meeting July 2013 

Vetlife - A Specifically Veterinary Resource

Veterinary practice is a demanding and frequently stressful career.  Vetlife exists to provide support, information and advice over a range of common issues that have been found to trouble vets and vet nurses in practice.  

Additionally, over the next few years, we intend to provide an increasing resource of material in the field of wellbeing – working on the principle that people who have the skills and information necessary for a fulfilled and successful approach to their career are less likely to fall prey to the issues this website was first set up to address. Preventive medicine.

We intend that it will become an increasingly flexible and dynamic resource to support vets and their staff to resolve problems as well as to increase their chances of having a fulfilled and satisfactory career.

This set of pages tells you why and how the VBF developed and funded this website, what it's for, something of the people involved and where we're heading in terms of wellbeing, uplifting stories and videos, and more support for you the veterinary professionals. It also tells you how you can support this important project – both in terms of financial donations to the VBF and providing us with feedback and further material for this website.

Please send any feedback, suggestions for new content or enquiries to info@vetlife.org.uk .

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